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All the shots in this edit comes from Las Terrenas (LT) and there is nothing over the top in it. Moreover, it is just a fraction of the diversity of this place. Las Terrenas has that magic that makes it hard to part with this place. But let’s start from the beginning …


You probably haven’t heard of it, but Las Terrenas has a huge relationship with the history of kitesurfingIt’s here where the Legaignoux brothers (“fathers” of kitesurfing) lived in the late 1990s and tested prototypes of the first leading edge inflantable kites (LEI). Hence the saying that the Dominican Republic is a mecca of kitesurfing, which has now inspired the name of our kite school.


The Las Terrenas’ history has a Polish threadIn the interwar period, Józef Pajewoński purchased huge land in this area. Coffee, cocoa and coconuts were grown on the owned plantations. The family had a significant impact on the development of the village and the Paiewonsky company still exists today. But all this time Las Terrenas was almost cut off from the rest of the world. It is hard to believe, but electricity appeared here only in 1994!


The last 20 years have been a period of extremely dynamic development of LT, which has become a favorite city of European expats. LT is also loved by wealthy families from Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic capital. Today, apart from electricity and running water 😀, LT is connected by a highway with the capital, thanks to which the airport in Santo Domingo can be reached in about 2 hours.


LT grows with luxurious villas and high-class accommodation. Expats here own many restaurants, so there is a place to eat well for everyone’s taste (unfortunately, Dominicans can only fry fish and chicken). What makes a hige difference is that in Las Terrenas and its area you won’t find horrible hotels constructed directly on the beach like in Punta Cana or Cabarete. Nature owns here the first line.
Since a lot of French live here, they like to call Las Terrenas the 
Saint Tropez of the Caribbean. 


Before we make a list of 10 reasons why Las Terrenas is the best kitesurfing destination, we must warn you that there are many more than 10 reasons for it. But first – let’s have a look for this short edit we made in El Portillo lagoon.

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Meanwhile you can look for the beauty of Las Terrenas and its surroundings to get a better image of how paradisiaque is this place.

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Wind Stats

The weather station has been operating on the El Portillo spot since May 2021. We collect its data on an ongoing basis and you can find it aggregated on the WIND STATISTICS IN LAS TERRENAS website . For encouragement, we’ll tell you that the numbers are crushing! Be sure to check them out. These are hard facts – not propaganda. By the way, pay attention to whether other school present such data … and if not, it is worth considering why 😉



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