Kite Beach Las Terrenas El Portillo: FAQ and Guide

Kite Beach Las Terrenas El Portillo: FAQ and Guide is the place to find the answers to most of your questions considering kitesurfing conditions in the best kite spot of Dominican Republic. Here you will learn everything about the wind, water and some other important aspects about the Kite Beach El Portillo. In addition, be sure to check out the Las Terrenas page where we write why this place is one of the best to learn and practice kitesurfing in the world.


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How long is the wind season in Las Terrenas

The northern part of the Dominican Republic is one of the few places in the world where there is wind almost all year round. In the Kite Beach El Portillo we have great statistics 10 months of the year. Detailed information about wind statistics can be found HERE .

Months with the best wind in Las Terrenas

Months with the best statistics (over 75% of windy days) are: March, April, May, June and July.

Months with the weakest wind at Kite Beach El Portillo

The months with the worst statistics (below 50%) are: October and November.

What direction does the wind blow in the Dominican Republic

The wind we are kiting on blows from the EAST. This trend is maintained practically throughout the whole year. 

At what time does the wind starts in Kite Beach El Portillo

The wind  begins to blow around noon, then gains strength and finally weakens before the sunset. Information on how to read the forecast as well as live data from our meteo station can be found HERE .

Is the wind in El Portillo stable

The wind in El Portillo is stable for most part of the year. It is the most stable from April till November. At that period it blows like from a hair dryer.

How strong is the wind at the Kite Beach El Portillo

Generally during the year the wind blows at speeds between 12 and 24 knots. It is lighter in December to March period and stronger from April till August.

Can you rely on the forecast in Las Terrenas Dominican Rep.

Forecasts from Windguru and other applications do not reflect reality at all. Please check THIS PAGE to get knowledge about how to predict the wind at Kite Beach El Portillo

What kite's sizes should I bring to Las Terrenas

The wind in Las Terrenas very rarely exceeds 25 knots. On average, it varies between 12 and 24. Therefore, it is enough to take two kites of the size:

1. For people weighing more than 85kg: it will be 14m and 10m .

2. for weighing 75 kg: 12m and 9m.

3. for weighing 60 kg: 11m and 8m .


Is there shallow water in El Portillo Lagoon

The water is shallow about 30-50m from the shore (depending on the tide) and than is deep.

Is the water in Kite Beach El Portillo flat

The surface is the flattest and is great to do freestyle at the low tide. There is some chop during high tide, but due to the diversity of the bottom, you can always find the piece of flat 🙂 On THIS PAGE you will find the forecast that includes tides changes.

Are there big tides in El Portillo Kite Beach

Ocean tides in Las Terrenas are visible but they are not as extreme as, for example, in Zanzibar. Generally they do not have much impact on the use of the spot. You can find a detailed TIDE FORECAST IN HERE.

What is the temperature of the ocean in Las Terrenas

The average water temperature in El Portillo lagoon is the lowest between December and March (around 24-26C). It’s warmer from April till October (27-30C).

Are there dangerous animals in El Portillo Lagoon

The absence of dangerous creatures is one of the great advantages of El Portillo Kite Beach. There are no dangerous jellyfish (as in Thailand), sea urchins (as in Zanzibar, Philippines and many other places), stingrays or sharks.


Is there a lot of space in El Portillo Lagoon

Las Terrenas is becoming more and more popular kite destination every year and during the high season (end of December to the end of March) the lagoon might get quite busy. The rest part of the year is still a fairy tale. There are days when you have the entire Kite Beach just for yourself.

Are there reefs in the El Portillo Kite Spot

Like every lagoon, El Portillo is separated from the open ocean by a reef. At the spot where we ride, there are also single, small pieces of reef. When is sunny they are clearly visible and easy to avoid. Look out for the tides as during the lowest tide some parts of the reef might raise above the sea level.

Do I need a wetsuit

Most people ride here without wetsuitHowever, this is an individual matter (everyone has a different sensitivity). Therefore, for more sensitive people, we recommend taking a neoprene warmer or a thin, short wetsuit (2mm max) for the coldest months of the year (Dec-March).

Do I need a reef shoes

Generally the bottom is sandy and safe. However, for beginners who still have problems with riding upwind and/or controling the kite, we recommend taking neoprene shoes in case one would end up on the reef.

Are there any other kite spots in Las Terrenas

Yes, there are 2 more spots:

1. Punta Poppy – the water there is not as flat as in El Portillo. Great for foiling and more advaced riders.

2. Playa Coson – the wind blows slightly from off shore and there are waves. Usually this spot is for advanced riders only.

What to do when there's no wind

Las Terrenas is located in one of the most beautiful part of Dominican Rep. Check our Must Do EXCURSIONS page for recommendation of the best activities and places to visit during your stay.

Is Kite Beach El Portillo a beautiful place

The lagoon and beach are amazing! This place is a true paradise.



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